Job Search

January 13, 2020

I find myself unemployed shortly after the new year. There was already a lot of personal unease. They had recently let go someone who had started shortly before me and this was after a full year of people bleeding from the company. The official reason – if you can call it that – was I wasn’t a good culture fit, which I can see as there had been a number of conversations about expectations for 70 hour work weeks/long hours/etc as needed. The more pessimistic view would be they were unhappy that the month of December contained a week long vacation and a lot of family travel for me.

Updating your resume is a pain. I’m not a great self-promoter so the idea of sending out a list of highlights for your professional life – even a just a single page – is a stressful endeavor. Luckily, now that I have put in my time (read: no longer consider myself entry level) I can apply ignoring the Catch-22 that is a starting position with 5 years of experience under the belt that you see often enough. Luckily for my mental health, but perhaps not for my paycheck, my field and experience have just enough depth to start attracting recruiters unprovoked.