Camping Meals

March 14, 2021

I love camping.

I didn’t ever expect to since I kind of embraced the whole secluded nerd thing, but there are just a couple of things about camping that scratch some personal itches. I like to travel for one, but my favorite part of it is the transit and the packing experience. I got really into onebag culture mostly because I’ve been a chronic over-packer and it’s a fun mental journey to figure out what I didn’t use so I can avoid bringing it on future trips. Camping is like a small-scale but also a more cutthroat version of the experience since we’ve usually done short backpacking trips.

The most difficult considerations are with the food and since I also like to think of myself as a hobbyist chef these two interests combine into a newfound love for the outdoor experience.

For Backpacking

  • those Bisquik single containers that have a mix where you just need to add water and shake the thing up
  • instant noodles
  • making my own trail mix from the bulk section
  • peanut butter
  • trying to make congee out of instant rice with mixed success
  • those dehydrated meals where you add a bunch of boiling water and let them sit
    • the rice and bean ones are my favorite
    • one time we accidentally tossed out the flavor packet on one oops

Throwing Caution (Pack Limits) to the Wind

  • cast iron skillet meals traditionally with spam and mixed vegetables (broccolini!)
  • beer from the local brewery: turns out there’s a lot of good ones around northern MN
  • literal dozens of brats
  • egg skillets because I wanted one of those special plastic containers for them.