Creative Process

March 19, 2022

I’m an archivist – or a hoarder for those that don’t appreciate the amount of clutter I accumulate.

I find it hard to throw things away since I like triggering the little bits of nostalgia from examining old souvenirs of mine. I hate the idea of forgetting things even if my brain is broken from years of playing old jrpgs and Magic the Gathering. It’s a neat feeling to hold an object and have an entire story unfurl from my mind on it.

I’ve had this discussion a lot, mostly with theater friends of mine: I don’t like performative art or transient art. My preference is art that is easily consumed as a unit. I like art that is immutable that when I share it with friends we’ll be able to confirm that we’re looking at the same piece.

I know this lens has its flaws, the crack I reference the most being the fact that the original cut of Blade Runner is considered one of its worst. For the purposes of keeping a copy on my hard drive which one would be the true version? The theatrical cut? The director’s cut? The final cut?

A photo can exist as unchanging bits and data as a digital copy, but many different variables can affect its look. The quality of the monitor, or the paper it’s printed on. Even if the unique identity of the image stays static so many variables can affect how it is perceived.