July 10, 2021

I own a home now. That feels a little weird to even write out. There are all sorts of discussions regarding the current state of renting vs mortgaging especially for my generation so even if my timeline still feels delayed compared to my parent’s I still feel like I ended up skipping the line with everyone else.

The hunt was a slog. The market was extremely hot with record low interest rates still in effect and tons of people in my area wanting to settle into their own place after a year of COVID. My partner and I went through around 30 properties and at least 5 failed offers before finally sticking a little place in South Minneapolis. It has a lot of things I had been looking forward to: a significantly larger kitchen than my old apartment, a recently renovated loft, and just blocks away from a little business area I was pretty familiar with already.

During the closing, I remember laughing out loud when there’s a line-by-line list of my mortgage payments for the next 30 years broken down.

There was a flurry of purchasing the first week for things I needed. Lawn equipment, kitchen organization and I finally decided to purchase a new bed and frame to better match the space. I’m a very big practitioner of retail therapy so finally settling in and having a shit ton of things to buy was both daunting and exciting.